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There's Something in the Forest...

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter will know I live not far from Alice Holt Forest, the royal forest in Hampshire which once provided the timber for the British Navy based in Portsmouth. And because it is so close to my house, I do go there often to exercise the dog. And this morning, which dawned bright and crisp, found me once again lacing up my running shoes to go the circuit with the high speed dog. This morning though I saw something I had not seen before which stopped me in my tracks. 

Cosmos in the woods

 There in a clearing behind the picnic area was the most magical item which made me double back and investigate. 

Cosmos by Semiconductor

Have you ever seen such a wonderful, tactile object? There was no placard or sign telling me who what where when this work of art had come to being so I rang the Forest office when I got home. 

Enzo for scale

The Forestry Office told me that the piece was a collaboration by two Brighton-based artists, Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt who call themselves Semiconductor, and was installed in 2014. It is a two metre sphere of wood and (this is the bit whre I got a bit lost) based on scientific data collected in the forest on the take up and loss of carbon dioxide in the forest. You can read more on the science here: They have translated the data into inference patterns of waves. And you can find out more about Semiconductor themselves and their art here: There is also a film in the Visitors Centre at Alice Holt which I will make a point of watching next week when I am back there as I would love to understand a bit more of the thought process which has gone into this piece.

close up of 'Cosmos' by Semiconductor

'Cosmos' 2014

You never know where you will see something wonderful or something which fits its space and environment so perfectly. I think this is a wonderful piece and I am glad it is in the forest for us to share.


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