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Nursery Visit - Pepperpot Herbs, Surrey

Pepperpot Herbs - Thyme Tunnel

I set off to Pepperpot Herbs on Wednesday armed with a camera and notebook and returned home with a serious case of polytunnel envy.

Trays and trays of seedlings, mostly planted in February, are laid out in neat rows in many polytunnels. Some trays will be fleeced if the forecast is for cold but all are grown seasonally and not sped along with the aid of heat or lights. The sound of buzzing bees is audible amongst the rosemary plants. The scent in some of the tunnels is extraordinary - especially where curry plant is growing!

Bronze Fennel Seedlings

This tray of Bronze Fennel was sown the last week of February. 

Seedling Trays

All seedlings are potted on to 9cm pots and then grown on until ready to be sold. 

Potted on Herbs

Potted on

A herb is defined as any plant with leaves, seeds or flowers used as flavouring, food, medicine or perfume. The Viola Tricolour or Heartsease below has edible flowers which may have been used in the past to create love potions and for treatment of diseases of the heart. It has edible flowers which can be frozen in ice cubes or scattered in salads. 


All the herbs from Pepperpot Herbs are grown seasonally, without the use of heat or artificial light.

There are over 300 different varieties of herbs available on the website, including 34 types of mint and 9 of sage.

Tri-colour sage

Plants are sold in either 9cm or 1 litre pots, dependant on the variety. This shows two sizes of rosemary which went out to a farmers market this weekend. 

Sizes of pots

I couldn't resist taking close up photos of the new fresh leaves...

Lemon Catnep

Grapefruit Mint

Spanish Mint

Pepperpot Herbs will be at the following places in Surrey in April:

Tuesday 4: Farmers Market, Guildford

Sunday 6: Rare Plant Fair, Birtley House, Bramley, Guildford

Saturday 19: Easter Festival, Godalming

Sunday 20: Farmers Market, Milford, Godalming

Monday 21: Easter Show, Shalford, Godalming

Wednesday 23: Farmers Market, Guildford

Sunday 27: Farmers Market, Farnham 

If you cannot get to any of these dates, the plants can be bought on-line from

Trays of herbs on trolleys





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  1. Sophie Adams:
    Apr 03, 2014 at 07:43 AM

    Really enjoyed this - I'm meant to be working but got lured in by the lovely pictures and great commentary - keep it up ! Sophie

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